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Welcome to Look for the Good

Hey hey. Drew Wolsey here. 

This is a site for me to share my religious beliefs.

I started this site for 3 reasons:

(1) I want to be more proactive and deliberate in finding the good in my life, the world, and in the church that plays such an important role in my life.  

(2) The only 3 times I have studied the scriptures the way I should was when I was a full-time missionary, when I was the ward Gospel Doctrine teacher, and when I am asked to give a talk. These responsibilities forced me to study the way I should be studying all the time. By starting this site I am hoping to force myself into "writing a talk" for each post. 

(3) I was listening to a Jim Rohn audiobook and was struck by something he said:

"The key to make your life really unique and worthwhile is to share what you know ... If you share an idea with 10 different people, they get to hear it once and you get to hear it 10 times..."

I genuinely want to increase my knowledge and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm hoping that forcing myself to post on a regular basis will help with that. 

I hope maybe you get something out of it as well. 

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