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Checks Against Our Time Accounts

Over the past couple of weeks, two wise individuals have referenced this talk to me.


Wisdom and Order” by Elder Neal A. Maxwell


I decided that might be a sign that I needed to give it a look.


For reasons you will see if you choose to read it, unfortunately, Elder Maxwell seemed to be speaking specifically for me. Let me share a few quotes from his address and then I will explain why it hit me so hard.


"…many of us unwisely write checks against our time accounts as we never would dare do, comparably, against our bank accounts. Sometimes we make so many commitments, they become like the vines in the allegory of Jacob, threatening to “overcome the roots,” including the roots of family relationships, friendships, and relationships with God."
“Somehow, giving unhurried time is a greater gift even if the minutes or hours are technically the same as when hurried.”
“It is in our very conscientiousness when we fail to pace ourselves that we deprive others who might be nourished by us. The “wisdom and order” test suggests, brothers and sisters, that there's seasons in life for certain chores. And if there could be a recognition in us about seasons in our lives it would help immensely.”
“Jesus who accomplished the most of anyone who ever lived on this planet was never hectically involved. You cannot find it in any of the pages of scripture. … even amid his agony in Gethsemane and on the cross. He restored a severed ear. He made certain while on the cross that his mother, would be cared for by the Apostle John. He found time at the apogee of his agony to reassure a suffering thief about tomorrow.”
“When you and I get fatigued, we get filled with self pity. We don’t have time to notice others, and we pass them by. … My pleading, therefore, to me and to you, is to so manage ourselves that we remain spiritually intact.”


In the past couple of weeks, and in the next two weeks, I have/am:

  • Coordinated a highway clean-up fundraiser for our church.

  • Planning an Entrepreneurship program alumni event.

  • Planning a Program Advisory Committee meeting for the Entrepreneurship program.

  • Teaching 2 classes over the spring (By choice!).

  • Working on starting a small business.

Combine all of these one-off things above with my feeble attempts to be a husband, father, son, brother, friend, Bishop, and disciple of Jesus Christ, I’m obviously just not that bright.

I don’t share these things to brag about how busy I am. Just the opposite. Look at my incredibly poor judgment.

And because of this poor judgment, my family does not get the best of me. My ward family does not get the best of me. God does not get the best of me.

I’m not making any promises to change, but I know I need to. I hope you can be smarter than I am.  


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