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Drew's Reviews #3 - “Counseling With Our Councils”

I just finished rereading “Counseling With Our Councils” by M. Russell Ballard.

Quick Take: Essential read for anyone working/serving in any organization where group decisions are made (Tailored to church & family). Teaches how to better use councils to solve problems.

Longer Take:

M. Russell Ballard is a leader within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He wrote this book specifically to help church members better work through challenges in their church and family responsibilities. BUT… the principles here are incredibly relevant to those outside of the church system as well.

This is my 2nd time through this one, and I think I enjoyed it this time even more than the first. As I have gotten older (I feel oooold some days), I have had more opportunities to “sit in council” within my work, church, and family roles. With this additional experience, I have come to a greater appreciation of the power of “we” to solve problems. I really can’t recommend this book enough. You can’t read this and not become more converted to the power of working together to conquer challenges.

Some of My Favourite Quotes:

“There is no problem … that cannot be solved if we look for solutions in the Lord’s way by counseling – really counseling – with one another.”

“It has never been God’s intention that His children stand alone in important decisions and responsibilities.”

“It is my testimony that such miracles can happen only to the extent that we are prepared to work together…”

“Sometimes we get so focused on bringing people to the meetinghouse that we forget we are supposed to be bringing them to Christ.”

“It is only when we get beyond the administrative details of our callings and focus our attention on the principles of ministering to God’s children … that our Church offices take on their full meaning, and we experience the fulfilling joy and satisfaction to be found in rendering significant service…”

“Every person has a significant contribution to make. Every person.”


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