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General Conference Highlights - October 2022

A few years ago, I started reading all the General Conference talks and pulling out my favourite parts. I then compile that into a document that I read sections of each morning as part of my scripture study. I have found it to be a digestible way to keep General Conference on my mind throughout the year.

I won't share that entire document, but here is a list of my top quotes from each of the talks given at the October 2022 General Conference:

Helping the Poor and Distressed

By Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“As one of our Apostles observed: “God is using more than one people for the accomplishment of his great and marvelous work. … It is too vast, too arduous, for any one people.” As members of the restored Church, we need to be more aware and more appreciative of the service of others.”

Jesus Christ Is the Strength of Youth

By Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“My dear friends, let me repeat, if the Savior were standing here today, He would express His endless love for you, His complete confidence in you. He would tell you that you can do this."

Seeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives

By Sister Tracy Y. Browning

“…where we look for Him we will find Him—each and every day.”

A Framework for Personal Revelation

By Elder Dale G. Renlund

"...the Holy Ghost can and will reveal everything we need to soar onto and maintain momentum on the covenant path.”

Let Doing Good Be Our Normal

By Elder Rafael E. Pino

“…the things that become normal in our lives are those that we repeat again and again. If we are steadfast and immovable in doing good, our customs will be in accordance with the principles of the gospel and they will help us to stay on the covenant path.”

The Eternal Principle of Love

By Elder Hugo Montoya

“When ministering was announced, President Russell M. Nelson said, “We will implement a newer, holier approach to caring for and ministering to others.” To me, holier means more personal, deeper, more like the Savior’s way: “Have love one to another,” one by one. It is not enough to avoid being a stumbling block for others; it is not enough to notice the needy on the road and pass by. Let us take advantage of every opportunity to help our neighbor...”

This Day

By Elder Ronald A. Rasband

“My dear friends, as an Apostle of the Lord, I invite you to follow our beloved prophet, President Nelson, in flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. The need is so great; we need to act now.”

What Is True?

By President Russell M. Nelson

“From this pulpit today and tomorrow, you will continue to hear truth. Please make notes of thoughts that catch your attention and those that come into your mind and stay in your heart. Prayerfully ask the Lord to confirm that what you have heard is true.”

Follow Jesus Christ with Footsteps of Faith

By President M. Russell Ballard

“Although the trials today are different than those of the early pioneers, they are no less challenging for us. It is important to follow the prophet and keep our feet firmly planted on the covenant path of faithfulness, as it was for the early pioneers. Let us follow Jesus Christ with faith in every footstep.”

Beauty for Ashes: The Healing Path of Forgiveness

By Sister Kristin M. Yee

“To all who are brokenhearted, captive, bruised, and perhaps blinded by hurt or sin, He offers healing, recovery, and deliverance. I testify that that healing and recovery He offers is real.”

Be Perfected in Him

By Elder Paul V. Johnson

“We may have a tendency to think we have to perfect ourselves, but that is not possible. Following every suggestion in every self-help book in the world will not bring it about. There is only one way and one name whereby perfection comes.”

In Partnership with the Lord

By Elder Ulisses Soares

“…nurturing and presiding are opportunities, not exclusive limitations. One person may have a responsibility for something but may not be the only person doing it. When loving parents well understand these two major responsibilities, they will strive together to protect and care for the physical and emotional well-being of their children. They also help them face the spiritual dangers of our day by nurturing them with the good word of the Lord as revealed to His prophets.”

And They Sought to See Jesus Who He Was

By Elder James W. McConkie III

“At different times I have carried the corner of a bed, and at other times I have been the one carried. Part of the power of this remarkable story of Jesus is that it reminds us just how much we need each other, as brothers and sisters, in order to come unto Christ and be transformed.”

Building a Life Resistant to the Adversary

By Elder Jorge F. Zeballos

“The event of an earthquake leaves its mark even on structures that were correctly designed and built—such consequences as perhaps some cracks, fallen furniture or ceilings, and broken windows. But this well-designed and well-built edifice will fulfill its purpose of protecting its occupants, and with some repairs, it will recuperate its original condition. In similar fashion, the buffetings of the adversary can also cause “cracks,” or some partial damage in our lives, in spite of our efforts to build our lives according to the perfect divine design. But what is truly relevant is that for having followed the divinely designed plans and specifications, that is, the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are still standing.”

The Doctrine of Belonging

By Elder D. Todd Christofferson

“It is a sad irony, then, when someone, feeling he or she doesn’t meet the ideal in all aspects of life, concludes that he doesn’t or she doesn’t belong in the very organization designed by God to help us progress toward the ideal. Let us leave judgment in the Lord’s hands and those He has commissioned and be content to love and treat each other the best we can.”

Our Earthly Stewardship

By Bishop Gérald Caussé

“Our stewardship over God’s creations also includes, at its pinnacle, a sacred duty to love, respect, and care for all human beings with whom we share the earth.”


By Sister Michelle D. Craig

“I am learning that Heavenly Father is more interested in my growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ than He is with my comfort. I may not always want it to be that way—but it is!”

Are You Still Willing?

By Elder Kevin W. Pearson

“The central purpose of every commandment, principle, covenant, and ordinance is to build faith and trust in Christ. Our determination to center our lives on Christ, therefore, must be consistent—not conditional, situational, or superficial. We cannot afford to take vacation days or personal time off from our willingness to “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places.” Discipleship is not cheap, because the companionship of the Holy Ghost is priceless.”

Courage to Proclaim the Truth

By Elder Denelson Silva

“…when I decided to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, I had accepted the task of not only defending the truth but also proclaiming it.”

Drawing Closer to the Savior

By Elder Neil L. Andersen

“…having faith in Jesus Christ and being a true disciple is more than a one-time decision—more than a one-time event.”

Lifted Up upon the Cross

By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

"To be a follower of Jesus Christ, one must sometimes carry a burden—your own or someone else’s. To be a follower of Jesus Christ, one must sometimes carry a burden—your own or someone else’s—and go where sacrifice is required and suffering is inevitable. A true Christian cannot follow the Master only in those matters with which he or she agrees. No. We follow Him everywhere, including, if necessary, into arenas filled with tears and trouble, where sometimes we may stand very much alone.”

His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light

By Sister J. Anette Dennis

“How many wounded individuals do we have among us? How often do we judge others based on their outward appearance and actions, or lack of action, when, if we fully understood, we would instead react with compassion and a desire to help instead of adding to their burdens with our judgment?”

Happy and Forever

By Elder Gerrit W. Gong

““Happy and forever” are not the imaginary stuff of fairy tales. True, enduring joy and eternity with those we love are the very essence of God’s plan of happiness.”

Patterns of Discipleship

By Elder Joseph W. Sitati

“…humility before God is a foundational attribute of His disciples. ... Humility inclines the heart of the disciple toward repentance and obedience. The Spirit of God is then able to bring truth to that heart, and it will find entry.”

Lasting Discipleship

By President Steven J. Lund

“It is one thing to “hear Him” in a quiet place of contemplation with scriptures wide open. But it is quite another thing to carry our discipleship into this mortal flurry of distractions…”

Put On Thy Strength, O Zion

By Elder David A. Bednar

“Each of us should evaluate our temporal and spiritual priorities sincerely and prayerfully to identify the things in our lives that may impede the bounteous blessings that Heavenly Father and the Savior are willing to bestow upon us.”

Overcome the World and Find Rest

By President Russell M. Nelson

*I couldn't choose just one quote from this talk. It's sooooo good.

“In coming days, we will see the greatest manifestations of the Savior’s power that the world has ever seen. … He will bestow countless privileges, blessings, and miracles upon the faithful.”
“Each person who makes covenants in baptismal fonts and in temples—and keeps them—has increased access to the power of Jesus Christ. Please ponder that stunning truth! The reward for keeping covenants with God is heavenly power—power that strengthens us to withstand our trials, temptations, and heartaches better. This power eases our way. Those who live the higher laws of Jesus Christ have access to His higher power. Thus, covenant keepers are entitled to a special kind of rest that comes to them through their covenantal relationship with God.”
“I plead with you now—to take charge of your own testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Work for it. Nurture it so that it will grow. Feed it truth.”
“My plea to you this morning is to find rest from the intensity, uncertainty, and anguish of this world by overcoming the world through your covenants with God. Let Him know through your prayers and your actions that you are serious about overcoming the world. Ask Him to enlighten your mind and send the help you need. Each day, record the thoughts that come to you as you pray; then follow through diligently. Spend more time in the temple, and seek to understand how the temple teaches you to rise above this fallen world.”

Legacy of Encouragement

By President Henry B. Eyring

“All of us need such encouraging examples and loving friends. When you sit with someone as their ministering sister or brother, you represent the Lord. Think of what He would do or say. He would invite them to come unto Him. He would encourage them. He would notice and praise the beginning of the changes they will need to make. And He would be the perfect example for them to emulate.”

The Answer Is Jesus

By Elder Ryan K. Olsen

“The answer to the simplest questions and to the most complex problems is always the same. The answer is Jesus Christ. Every solution is found in Him.”

That They Might Know Thee (John 17:3)

By Elder Jonathan S. Schmitt

"Just as Jesus knows each of us by name, one way we can come to better know Jesus is by learning His many names. … Knowing His many names also inspires us to become more like Him—to develop Christlike attributes that bring joy and purpose to our lives.”

The Virtue of the Word

By Elder Mark D. Eddy

“Perhaps you are feeling as though you were in the midst of darkness. Does your soul ache for illumination? If so, please try the virtue of the word of God.”

Nourishing and Bearing Your Testimony

By Elder Gary E. Stevenson

“Your testimony is a most precious possession..."

We Can Do Hard Things through Him

By Elder Isaac K. Morrison

“Sacrifice has always been part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a reminder of the great atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all who have lived or will live on earth.”

Be True to God and His Work

By Elder Quentin L. Cook

"In a recent talk and again this morning, President Russell M. Nelson said it this way: “I plead with you to take charge of your testimony of Jesus Christ. Work for it. Own it. Care for it. Nurture it so that it will grow. Then watch for miracles to happen in your life.””

Focus on the Temple

By President Russell M. Nelson

"I promise that increased time in the temple will bless your life in ways nothing else can.”


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