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Imposter Syndrome

I've wanted to start blogging about my religious belief for a while, but...

What do I know about anything?

I don't have anything unique to say?

Why would anyone care about what I think?

I am in no way a scriptorian or gospel scholar.

Is talking about things I have figured out yet hypocritical?

Will people think I'm showing off? "Look at how good/smart I am."

In most areas of my life, I often feel like an imposter.

I make my living as a University Instructor. Most days, I'm certain everyone else there is smarter than me, and I've somehow tricked them into letting me teach. Imposter!

Whenever I speak in church on a topic I haven't mastered, I'm certain everyone sees me as a hypocrite. Imposter!

When I try to do good things, I worry people suspect I'm just doing them "to be seen of men." Imposter!

I really hope I'm not the only one that feels like this.

I'm not sure how a person gets past this feeling. But, I've found that for most fears, the only solution is to just do that thing. So...

I guess I'm a blogger.


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