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"It's pioneer time!"

I just listened to this episode of the Church News podcast where Elder Uchtdorf talks about how missionary work has changed during the pandemic. He said two things that got me thinking.

(1) “During the pandemic, we learned quickly, don’t focus on the things you cannot do. Focus on the things you can do.”

Elder Uchtodrf is referring to how the missionaries have found success by focusing on what they can do under the current restrictions. What great advice for all of us.

In no way do I want to downplay how devastating the pandemic has been for many people. But I worry that we get so caught up stressing about all the things we can’t do that we forget to enjoy all the things we can


How can I find joy despite the current restrictions? How can help make others' lives a little less dreary? Am I helping my kids see that we can have fun no matter what?

My two youngest often ask, “What are we going to do tonight?” I’ve l found myself often replying, “Well, there’s not much we can do.” Starting today, I am going to work harder to create memories for our family despite the restrictions. I am going to try and transform Covid from a trial to be endured to a time we had some fun.

(2) “…we don’t realize what an opportunity [this is for] them to do hard things. It is pioneer time!”

Elder Uchtdorf is encouraging us to not feel sorry for today’s missionaries. To remember that we raised them to do hard things. This is an opportunity to conquer something difficult. Again, what a great reminder for us all.

The pioneers endured trials that seem beyond comprehension. But it’s not because they were stronger than us. They were just like us. Normal people thrust into difficult circumstances. They had the same two choices we have. Wilt and give up or stand strong and move forward. Now is our “pioneer time!” We are strong. We’ve got this.


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