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Recco - First Vision podcast

A quick recommendation...

I just finished listening to Joseph Smith Papers Podcasts - The First Vision. So good!

This 6-episode documentary style podcast details Joseph Smith's First Vision. It draws from all 9 known accounts of the event and integrates historian research and interviews into the narrative. The first episode states:

"Something special happens when you view the First Vision through the eyes of historians. You find a story that is simultaneously familiar and new."

I found this to be remarkably true.

I've read a couple of Joseph Smith biographies and Joseph's account of the vision. But listening to this podcast opened my mind to so much more. I have a much greater appreciation and understanding of this pivotal event in church history.

Do yourself a favour and give this a listen. I enjoyed it so much that after I finished the series, I immediately listened to it again.

P.S. The creators have two other podcasts, but I haven't listened to them yet.


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